My Dear Friends,
Thank you for being with me last Friday, it meant a lot for me.
After very long discussions with Witek (my private manager 😉 and including the feetback received from you, I have decided to carry on with two free of charge yoga classes and one pilates class this week on Facebook “Yoga with Ewa Online” but then I will change the access to my online classes.
From Monday 30th of March I will offer you following options:
1. Two weeks access to Facebook life stream     
    content for £20 (including access to all 
    previous recorded streams).
    I intend to produce three new life streams 
    every week:
       a. Yoga for beginners every Tuesday  
       b. Yoga for improvers every Friday 
       c. Pilates every Monday 19:00-20:00
2. Additionally I can offer Video Conference   
    yoga/pilates sessions 1 hour long for up to 4 
    students on Google Hangouts.
    During those classes I can offer additional    
    feedback to each participant. The prices 
    are as fallow:
       a. Single participant/student £30
       b. Two students £20 (each)
       c. Three students £15 (each)
       d. four students £10 (each)
   Arrangement to those hangouts groups as   
   well as a time will be agreed individually.
   If you are interested any of above options     
   please contact me directly by email:   
Thank you 


Regular practise of Iyengar Yoga can help to improve strength, stamina, flexibility and the ability to relax.  A feature of Iyengar yoga practise is the use of props including foam blocks, belts, and blankets to enable students to achieve their potential in the asanas. Initially this equipment will be provided for you to use during the class, eventually students may wish to buy their own equipment to enable them to practise at home.
Please wear loose fitting, comfortable clothing, leggings or shorts and a t-shirt, and be ready to work in bare feet.